My essays, interviews and books

My artistic practice has always been informed by my work as a writer and essayist. Here’s a small selection of my recent commissions, including interviews with artists, architects and designers:

Forthcoming in Cereal magazine, Autumn 2020

Interviews with architects David Caon and Kelvin Ho

Forthcoming in Cereal magazine, Spring 2020

Interview with artist Park Seo-Bo

Interviews with the Perriand family about Charlotte Perriand and the Perriand Foundation

Disgeno magazine, Autumn 2019

Review of Fabulosa! and essay discussing language as a form of design

Cereal magazine, Autumnn 2019

Essay on the meaning of legacy

Feature about design studio Atelier Vime

Cereal magazine, Spring 2019

Interview with Lyn Harris of Perfumer H

Interview with Ilse Crawford of Studio Ilse

Interview with architect John Pawson

The art and travel book These Islands which features my chapters about walking and landscape can be seen here

My monograph, Writing the 9/11 Decade: Reportage and the Evolution of the Novel, was recently shortlisted for the University English Book Prize. It includes an analysis of the work of painter Gerhard Richter, sculptor Eric Fischl and ambient musician William Basinski. The monograph evolved from my PhD about the ways in which art, music and literature try to engage with catastrophe.