Inside A Mountain Podcast

Inside A Mountain is my new podcast which takes its name from nature writer Nan Shepherd’s haunting phrase that ‘a mountain has an inside’. In other words, walking isn’t to accumulate miles or conquer peaks, but to experience the transformative power of moving through real and imaginary space. Using soundscape and music, I take contemplative walks with musicians, artists, writers and scientists.

Episode Five:

Strange loops and walking as thinking, with mathematician Marcus du Sautoy

Marcus du Sautoy, Professor for the Public Understanding of Science at the University of Oxford, has the kind of imagination which draws on complex mathematics, music, science and literature simultaneously. On this walk through a North London park, Marcus and Charlie cover both literal and imaginative ground – and one of them gets lost in the marshes.  

Marcus finding his “tree of the day” and, later, working out a mathematical problem on one of his beloved yellow pads


Episode Four:

Walking the Jurassic coastline with international cellist Natalie Clein

The acclaimed cellist Natalie Clein talks about her music and explains what creativity means to her. Returning to her childhood home on the Dorset coast, she walks with Charlie and they find a tent of trees in the woods. 


Bloch, Ligeti & Dallapiccola: Suites for Solo Cello, Hyperion Records 

Cello: Natalie Clein

Rebecca Clarke: Viola Sonata, Hyperion Records

Cello: Natalie Clein  Piano: Christian Ihle Hadland


Episode Three:

Tracing the footsteps of Ivor Gurney with Kate Kennedy

The third episode is set in the meadows of Gloucestershire. Kate Kennedy, author of a superb new book about the poet and composer Ivor Gurney, talks about his life as we explore the landscape around the village of Framilode.


Episode Two:

Walking the South Devon coastline with artist Anna Koska

For this second episode, I take a walk along the South Devon coastline with botanical artist and illustrator Anna Koska. Anna grows and forages for much of her family’s food and she paints most of what she grows. She’s illustrated more than 100 books and has been commissioned by chefs to create large-scale paintings for their restaurants.


Episode One:

Landscape of the Imagination: Sally Bayley

For this first episode, the writer Sally Bayley and I return to the seaside town of her childhood. Her household of 12 children and 3 adults was deprived and chaotic. But with her love of literature and the power of her imagination, she walked her way into a new life.