Charlie Lee-Potter is an artist, writer, academic and broadcaster. Her fine art practice focuses on the natural world and she uses geometry, fibre arts, printmaking, typography, storytelling and soundscape to explore the ways wild landscape marks those who walk across it. She manipulates biomaterials as part of her practice, constructing installations and artist’s books from etched milk, as well as spinning, crocheting and weaving plant fibres and paper. As the former BBC Radio 4 presenter of PM, The World at One, Open Book and The World This Weekend, Charlie is interested in the interplay between soundscape and the spoken word, both of which play into her work.

Charlie has written for many national and international magazines and newspapers and is the recipient of the 2022 International Créateurs Design Prize for Creative Journalism. Her podcast about the interaction between walking and creative thinking, Inside A Mountain, was shortlisted for the International Women’s Podcast Awards. Recent episodes of Inside A Mountain include sound walks with the international cellist Natalie Clein, poet Ian MacMillan, artist Anna Koska and mathematician Marcus du Sautoy.

Charlie is a lecturer in English literature at the University of Oxford and her monograph Writing the 9/11 Decade: Reportage and the Evolution of the Novel (Bloomsbury), was shortlisted for the University English Book Prize. She has a BA in English literature, an MA in Fine Art Printmaking and a PhD in contemporary literature. She is a researcher at the Royal College of Art.

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